EVS Planning is a town and regional planning firm and property consultancy and has no connection with any other professional firm or group. For some specialised commissions, we work in collaboration with other respectable independent firms and individuals from other disciplines. Specialists such as economists, demographers, environmentalists, marketing researchers, land surveyors, engineers and architects are consulted if and when circumstances warrant it.

Our Attitude

Our attitude is based on commitment to plan with people, for people, to encourage sustainable developments, to produce results on a consistent basis, and to facilitate change in such a manner as to regenerate and promote vibrant and active communities.

Our Approach

The firm favours a comprehensive approach in the broadest sense to planning and development. For this reason, we favour a planning approach where community participation receives priority and full participation by interested parties and role players is encouraged. 

We endeavour to follow an action-based process to ensure that there are reciprocal inputs, response and acceptance to our work. We believe that a planning project should be strictly co-ordinated and that close liaison with relevant role players is essential.

Our contribution to the community

We actively participate in community programmes and also try to educate others, to encourage a balance between the environment, spatial planning, community needs, heritage, infrastructure availability, non-motorised planning, economic growth and trends, the promotion of green building design and energy saving developments.


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